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par TroyHenderson
28 Avr 2019, 03:52
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Sujet : Stylus Palette Position
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Stylus Palette Position

I found the setting for Vertical (instead of the default Horizontal) Stylus Palette. Since I am left-handed, I would like to have the Stylus Palette positioned on the right (instead of the left) by default. Can this be done with existing settings?
par TroyHenderson
04 Déc 2018, 20:08
Forum : English General Discussion
Sujet : Erase/Ink Hotkey
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Erase/Ink Hotkey

I use the hotkey CTRL+E to activate the eraser and CTRL+I to activate the ink. Once I erase and use CTRL+I to switch back to ink, a residual eraser circle is left on the screen. This does not occur when the Ink button (on the toolbar) is pressed instead of the CTRL+I hotkey.