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Re: Nouvelles applications

Message par Mireille64 » 06 Juil 2021, 20:46

Super, merci beaucoup à tous.


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Re: Nouvelles applications

Message par PaulClark » 04 Août 2021, 16:20

Bonjour ! Merci pour votre travail - j'aime beaucoup tout cela. Travaillez-vous encore à des améliorations ou est-ce la version finale ?

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Re: Nouvelles applications

Message par PedroSantos » 04 Mars 2023, 04:45

An update on found issues.


1) The grid size does not match the ruler metrics.
I often need to use the compass and oblique lines with precise lenghts and it is not practical to ignore the ruler and compass metrics.
I tried to input the spacing in the number box but it always assumes the handle value, which moves 10 units at a time.

2) The app resets (itself, not any grid already placed in the background) when you navigate to other pages or go to table mode and go back to the page.
Having to tweak all the options on each page is not practical.
Workaround - we can create a default page and duplicate it.

3) It would be nice if the isometric grid also has a linear layout besides the dots and crosses.


1) It makes Openboard crash the first time I drag the app to a page. I have to restart the software and then the app is on the page I had dragged it to.
It also makes it crash frequently if I navigate to other pages.

2) The info shows during only 1 second or so when landing in the page.
The solid name is cut.
The menu is a bit small to be confortably readable, at least on my laptop.
Solids_displayproblems.png (117 Kio) Consulté 34307 fois

3) When the app window is dragged, the menu multiplies itself leaving traces.
It also dispaces itself to the center of the app window.
The solid name also gets displaced and, in this example, disappears.
Solids_displayproblems1.png (176.79 Kio) Consulté 34307 fois