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Message par alexcompit » 11 oct. 2018, 08:42

Good afternoon.
Is it possible to add Ukrainian localization of the interface and on-screen keyboard?
I make do the translation if you provide the localization files.

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Re: Localization

Message par cristaldis » 30 oct. 2018, 15:02

Thanks for your proposition. Your collaboration will be welcome.

You can find all translation files on Github. You can click on this address (https://github.com/OpenBoard-org/OpenBo ... urces/i18n). There are all the languages that are currently supported by OpenBoard 1.4.1.

Attention version 1.5.0 should be released soon and we have not yet uploaded translated files on Github. So the translation is likely to be partial.

Salvatore Cristaldi

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Re: Localization

Message par alexcompit » 01 nov. 2018, 15:33

Ukrainian translation is ready

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Re: Localization

Message par Tacsaby » 27 nov. 2018, 15:32

Hello all,
i've finished the hungarian localisation.

Please let me get the compiled translation file to test it. Or a pre-release copy of Open-board with this new language.

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Re: Localization

Message par ramuntcho » 27 nov. 2018, 16:23


Thanks for your work, but an hungarian translation of version 1.4 has already be done, see in the forum : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1747&sid=8c0ece9cc5 ... 8b61276dd4

Version 1.5 will be out in a few days, so you have to see with the other guy to produce together a translation for version 1.5, that we can use for 1.5.1 release.