Problems found + sugestions

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Problems found + sugestions

Message par PedroSantos » 11 Avr 2020, 20:10


Thank you for this software.

Once in a while, it crashes.
I have observed that it always happens when auto-saving is triggered while I'm manipulating elements.
When reopening the sotware, there is no big problem, things are usually saved, but it creates a row of new empty documents. It would be better if it would start by showing the documents menu instead of a new document.

Also, many times the documents get disassembled, i.e., lines and dots get randomly out of place without warning.
My best guess is that it is hard for the software to deal with certain amount of elements, because I have the feeling it only happens when the document has more than one page or there are many elements on the page.

Windows7 user here. My students have experienced the same with Windows10.

I would like to add the suggestion to include the option to snap (to grid, to lines, to center and corners of shapes, etc.).
I would like to the compass, ruler and every drawing tool to be able to be placed exactly on already existing elements if I want to.
For examples of this, just search on youtube for snapping on Inkscape, Illustrator, Sketchup, or any other vectorial or 3D sotware.

I would be nice to be able to choose more colors without having to use the color app.
Being able to change the destination folders of documents, snapshots and podcasts would be more practical too.

Keep on the nice work and stay safe.
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Re: Problems found + sugestions

Message par PedroSantos » 04 Mars 2023, 06:40


It has been almost 3 years since I have created this topic and it is sad to see no reply.
I guess the staff is not dedicated to the software no more, which I find sad but undestandable.

I have edited the topic name and will make a sum of the problems found.


It crashes sometimes, mostly when it autosaves when I am manipulating objects.
It also crashes with the Papier app (check my messages about it in other thread).

It sometimes displaces several objects when I have selected only the ones I want to move.
It seems to act like the interaction tool and for several items suddenly.

Lately I have been loosing content of documents created some days, weeks or months ago.
This happens for an entire page of a document or several pages of the same document - the page

is the but the content is erased.

I have been trying to tweak the line width so it displays very clear for technical drawing.
Most of the time, the lines appear blurry when drawn horizontally or vertically.
If I duplicate those lines, the duplicates often appear very clear, which is the result I aim for.
I have edited the user configuration file to find if it was a matter of decimal values but it seems not related to that.
You can see a capture of my test below: on the left are the drawn lines, on the right the respective duplicates.
Width.png (12.06 Kio) Consulté 6210 fois
Here is the result I sometimes obtain as desired - clear and not blurred lines - but I have to duplicate lines for it to happen and not draw directly:
Untitled.png (56.29 Kio) Consulté 6210 fois
The compass has a minimum radius which is often bigger than what I need.
To work it out, I duplicate an arc and resize it, but it also resizes the line width and the resize itself also has a minimum size limit.
Where can I find the value in the code to make it smaller?
I could help redesign it (excluding code) to make it better.
Here is an example of a compass with no minimum radius:
That example also shows the snapping feature I wrote before, that could be enabled if desired.

This app stops when I navigate to other pages and does not resume when back to the page.

I usually draw an horizontal line and then rotate it to the precise angle I need.
However, it would be faster if the box showing the value could take direct value inputs through the keyboard.
Or if the protactor could attract the pen to the desired angle like the ruller does to its edge.
Also, the lines being attracted to notorious angles (45º, 90º) could be optional in order to be possible to draw lines half a degree from those - many times I am uniting dots in my drawings and that feature does not let me do it properly.

It would be great if the grid handle would have a numeric spacing value displayed so one could have it consistently for several documents.
Isometric grid would also help.
There could be also an option for dots instead of lines, to make it less busy on the presentation.

I frequently need dashed lines and I have to use the eraser tool to create them.
Having some automatic options would make the work faster.

If there is something I can help with, please do tell.
Except from coding, I can help in planning and detailing features, as well as with graphic design, vectors and possibly more.