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Thank you!

Message par Phil » 22 Jan 2018, 11:40

I have been looking for a (free) way to be able to record videos of worked examples on PDF past papers and couldn't find anything.

Active Presenter is great for doing the screen capture (and adding some mouse actions and annotations in afterward, and overdubbing some audio if needed), but I couldn't find any free or cheap software that would let me load PDF files into it and mark them with my Wacom tablet/pen. Openboard does this job beautifully! I also love that I can export the slides to a PDF with my worked examples embedded, so the students can have a copy of exactly what I illustrated in the video.

This could really make a big difference to a few SEN students who I am helping (well, if I can make them watch the videos... but that's another problem!). I look forward to the February update with the improved smoothing.

On behalf of my students, thank you very much for your ongoing work on this software and for making it available at no cost.