Support for Android

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Support for Android

Message par DKom » 12 Août 2018, 09:28


we are pretty new to the OpenBoard project and have just compiled the newest version for Ubuntu 16.04.

As we realise a growing demand for Android devices we are just wondering if there are some thoughts to port the application to Android.
If not it would be helpful to know the reason, especially if there are technical problems.

Anyway we will try the port by ourselves.

Thanks a lot for any replies.

Best Regards,


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Re: Support for Android

Message par ramuntcho » 14 Août 2018, 11:31


We are focused on maintaining OpenBoard on 3 OS (macOS, Ubuntu and Windows) and there is no plan to port it on Android or iOS. In addition, porting OpenBoard on a mobile platform would be a considerable challenge.