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OpenBoard on Slackware Linux

Message par e.-wayne.johnson » 24 Août 2018, 05:07

Although there is no Linux distro specific version for Slackware Linux,
I was able to install and run the program v.1.4.0 on my computer using
Slackware64 -current .

The procedure is difficult and time-consuming because
there are many dependencies that are Ubuntu-specific libraries
and several other deps not found in Slackware-64

I tried building the program with qmake and others have also tried
but we all failed. What worked was to convert the .deb file to a slackware package .tgz
and install that, then find the deps by trial and error.

There are many people eager to use OpenBoard but an easier path to installation on non-Ubuntu systems would be useful.
Maybe some people among the Slackware users might be willing to help.