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Images disappear on OpenBoard 1.4.1 windows

Publié : 30 Août 2018, 22:32
par MichielK
I experience a bug in OpenBoard 1.4.1 windows that is similar to "Images disappear on OpenBoard 1.3.4 mac".

1. Open new document
2. In documents mode select a page from another document with an embedded image (stored in Images folder)
3. Select Add to working document.
4. Page is in the new document and looks okay with the embedded image showing.
5. Close Openboard
6. Reopen the (new) document and the embeded image is shown in the preview but not on the page.

I found that the link to the image is in the page.svg file but the image is missing in the Image folder. Apparantly the "Add to working document" action does not copy the related image. Manually copying the image (before reopening) does work but is a bit cumbersome as a workaround :roll:

Re: Images disappear on OpenBoard 1.4.1 windows

Publié : 01 Sep 2018, 20:35
par ramuntcho

I moved your message in the English forum.

Thank you for explaining this bug that I could reproduce on macOS also.

Waiting for its fix, you can achieve the same result by manually moving a page of a document on the icon of the current document.

Re: Images disappear on OpenBoard 1.4.1 windows

Publié : 16 Sep 2018, 20:00
par ramuntcho

This bug has been fixed in the next release.

Thanks for your help