Setting for DataDirectory

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Setting for DataDirectory

Message par TheDrummer » 09 oct. 2018, 11:54


I want to change the directory where OpanBoard stores my data. I added in the file OpenBoardUser.config the line

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in the App section, and the Directory exists. However, this Setting is ignored, if I run OpenBoard again, new documents are still stored in the default directory.

What is going wrong? I am using Windows 10 1803.


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Re: Setting for DataDirectory

Message par cristaldis » 30 oct. 2018, 15:16


Your syntax is right. I see you trying to edit the OpenBoardUser.config file. I suggest you modify in the same way the OpenBoard.config file instead.
It is located in : C:\Program files (x86)\OpenBoard\etc\

Salvatore Cristaldi

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Re: Setting for DataDirectory

Message par macjaeger » 20 janv. 2019, 12:58

According to documentation this setting should work from both OpenBoard.config and OpenBoardUser.config - but it seems this isn't true, at least not on my systems (windows 10, 64 bit, openboard 1.5.1). Putting the settings into OpenBoardUser.config didn't have any effect; yet placing the same lines into OpenBoard.config works fine. This is no problem on my single-user machine (and using username wildcard might not be a problem an multi-user systems).

But i think it should either work as described in the documentation, or the documentation should be adjusted accordingly.

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Re: Setting for DataDirectory

Message par ramuntcho » 20 janv. 2019, 14:11


This setting can't be in OpenBoardUser.config... since it indicates where this file is located. It must therefore be located in OpenBoard.config.
The documentation does not mention, unless I am mistaken, that this parameter can also be in OpenBoardUser.config.