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Pen Settings

Message par stunidos » 07 févr. 2019, 09:14

Since a while I'm observing the OpenBoard project, and I'd love to use it for my lectures. However, even after testing many versions I still have troubles with the quality of the pen. When the pressure sensitivity is activated, I receive smeared letters. When I switch off the pressure sensitivity, parts of what I write simply doesn't occur on the screen. With other commercial tools, like the PDF Annotator (which I mainly use for my lectures) everything is fine. Also the Microsoft tools like the notes works pretty fine.

I use a ThinkPad X1 Yoga with Wacom AES.
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In PDF Annotator I'm able to sketch and write pretty fast, OpenBoard I also must write much slower and still the result is not as good. As said I'd love to use OpenBoard because of the better features for lectures. It would be great to understand if there are options in the settings or if there is a bug in combination with my laptop.