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Openboard with glassboard feature

Publié : 19 Juin 2020, 20:44
par paulbert
Hi all,
Is there anyone with the idea of adding a window transparency to openboard? I hit this idea of recording videos using emulated onscreen glassboard. I could use OBS studio to mix my webcam input as one source and an overlay of window capture source which captures my openboard application that is completely transparent, except for the contents in it. Somewhat similar to the transparency of gnome terminal where the characters are opaque and well-lit but the background is transparent.
I can place my live webcam video in the background and the transparent glassboard on top of it.
Screenshot from 2020-06-20 00-06-04.png
Screenshot from 2020-06-20 00-06-04.png (214 Kio) Consulté 2621 fois