Mapping tablet buttons to OpenBoard actions?

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Mapping tablet buttons to OpenBoard actions?

Message par kevinz » 18 Sep 2020, 19:14

Hello, new user here, just getting started and learning about OpenBoard. Please forgive me if this question has an obvious answer. I searched this forum but got no relevant hits.

I use a Hurion New 1060Plus tablet on a Linux Ubuntu 18.0 system with OpenBoard 1.5.3. This tablet has 12 buttons down the left side, that I'd like to link or map to actions within OpenBoard, such as 'new page' or 'change ink color to red.' These buttons are in addition to the two on the pen itself, not including the tip of the pen, which also functions as a button.

Is there any way within OpenBoard to map these buttons to various actions? I'm aware that within the window driver, I can map the various buttons to key strokes, such as 'Control-T.' However, it doesn't seem as if many of the actions that I want within OpenBoard have keystroke shortcuts. Also, I believe, that the mapping of the tablet buttons to the keystrokes would be universal within the window or all applications, and not just be effective within OpenBoard, which is what I want.

Can anyone point out to me how to map the tablet buttons to OpenBoard actions?

Thanks so much for your help and advice. I'm looking forward to using and learning more about OpenBoard.


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Mapping tablet buttons to OpenBoard actions

Message par Michealleacy » 01 Oct 2020, 19:26

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