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User Guide

Publié : 31 Déc 2016, 23:53
par rmckenna
Will there be a user guide in English soon? Teachers at my school will soon be using Open Board and they generally do not read French.

Re: User Guide

Publié : 03 Jan 2017, 04:02
par skearton
Thanks for checking into this Rob!

Re: User Guide

Publié : 03 Jan 2017, 21:02
par ramuntcho

Thanks for your interest in OpenBoard.

Due to our lack of resources, we are focused on french help. But if somebody wants to translate our french User Guide to english, or other language, it will be a great idea.

Re: User Guide

Publié : 28 Juil 2017, 04:47
par Michael Sargent

I used to translate the content (assigning credit where its due). Seems to have covered everything, except of course where the words are in images. (I had to split the document into 2 lots and rejoin them as the convertor failed with the 42 pages).

Single Page cheat sheet: ... sp=sharing

English Manual: ... sp=sharing

It would be good if these were made available on the openboard website as many people do not go to the forums.

Re: User Guide

Publié : 22 Août 2017, 12:02
par ramuntcho
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your work. It prompts me to propose a translation of the User's Guide in english. It will be on probably at the end of september.

Christian ;)