Missing features

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Missing features

Message par manuelclavijo » 13 oct. 2017, 08:06

Hi, is there any plan to merge OpenBoard to the last version of OpenSankoré?
I'm missing interesting features like geometric figures drawings or the document viewer.


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Re: Missing features

Message par ramuntcho » 15 oct. 2017, 13:33


OpenBoard was originally forked from Open-Sankoré 2.0, which was itself based on Uniboard. This fork was created to refocus the software on its original core functionalities and values, that is the work of a teacher in a classroom, privileging the ease of use. The evolution of this software will therefore take place in accordance with these core principles http://www.openboard.ch/index.en.html

OpenBoard has evolved on his side, migrating on QT 5.5, and it won't merged to Open Sankore.

Version 1.4 of OpenBoard will have some new features, some of Open-Sankore. The function "Geometric figures drawings" isn't planned for now.