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Galleries for OpenBoard + Opening SMART Notebook files in OB?

Publié : 23 Nov 2017, 03:50
par BlackwoodPrimary
Hi there,

Just dipping my toe in OpenBoard as a possible replacement for the staff at my primary school. Currently they are using a legacy version of SMART from 2012 and many of them have dozens of saved boards made through SMART Notebook.

Even when I "export as CFF" which gives me an IWB file, I cannot work out how to open it in OpenBoard - I've tried changing file association and importing through the whiteboard, but it just gives me a blank page with no error message or anything.

Now, with the galleries, SMART has hundreds of images and widget-style features such as interactive timers, animal clipart, all that kind of stuff and I was wondering if there were any similar sorts of galleries for OpenBoard?

Thanks so much for your time,


Re: Galleries for OpenBoard + Opening SMART Notebook files in OB?

Publié : 27 Nov 2017, 15:23
par Craig

I'm not familiar with SMART so I don't know if this is equivalent, but OpenBoard has multimedia libraries (images, sounds, and videos that are easily accessible to be added to any document; as well as embedded search tools to find more pictures online) and various widgets such as timers, rulers, google maps, and other interactive tools.
It is also easy to add widgets, since they are essentially just html/javascript pages.

About the CFF export: it's not possible to import these files into OpenBoard, unfortunately. I believe this was available in Open-Sankoré (which OpenBoard was forked from a few years ago), but it was dropped either at the very beginning or sometime later. I don't expect that functionality to be restored anytime soon.
However, you may be able to import your documents into Open-Sankoré, and then save them (either retrieve them from the documents storage folder, or export them as .ubz) to be opened in OpenBoard.

Good luck!

Re: Galleries for OpenBoard + Opening SMART Notebook files in OB?

Publié : 30 Nov 2017, 22:59
par BlackwoodPrimary
Thanks for the reply, Craig. Unfortunately, it appears Open Sankore is no longer available (unless you can find it?) webpage times out and can't find a trustworthy mirror.

As for the galleries, I didn't realise that - are you able to point me towards the galleries/where to search for images? I had a look through the right pane, but some fields were empty, most others only seemed to have one image.