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How do others "calibrate" whiteboard with Ubuntu?

Publié : 15 Déc 2017, 04:25
par djgroos
On challenge I first encountered when starting using OpenBoard was how to calibrate the whiteboard screen so that the annotation would appear directly under the pen-tip. I finally found "Calibrate Touchscreen" ( ... alibrator/) in Ubuntu's software center. However, it is not precise. It appears that it hasn't been updated since Ubuntu 13.10.

An example of the problem is that when I'm writing in the middle of the whiteboard, the pen marks exactly where it is placed, but when I'm writing more towards the edges of the screen the writing will appear up to 5-10 cm away from the pen-tip. Calculating this changing conversion factor in my mind requires more of my working mind than I might want to spare as I'm teaching!

How do other people deal with this issue?

Re: How do others "calibrate" whiteboard with Ubuntu?

Publié : 17 Déc 2017, 18:36
par neph
Seems that the size-setting is not perfect. In the center touchsurface and visual screen align perfectly with increasing distance between both toward the edges.
We can set the size directly at the whiteboard with hardware-switches. What model do you use?

Re: How do others "calibrate" whiteboard with Ubuntu?

Publié : 17 Déc 2017, 23:55
par djgroos
I've got the serial number recorded: SB680-R2-628183 Google says that that's: SMART Board SB680
It does have 2 hard buttons on it but I assumed that they were connected to the smartboard software... I'll try them at school tomorrow. I'll also try changing the screen resolution from 1280x1024 (non-native) to the native 1024x768 though hope to get it working on the higher-res setting.
Thanks for the ideas!

Re: How do others "calibrate" whiteboard with Ubuntu?

Publié : 18 Sep 2018, 22:35
par jamesq
This is a bit late but did you manage to find a good way of calibrating a smartboard? I would love to know since after all this time I am not able to find any details. Also can get details on how to use xinput calibrator.