Language file for (Hungarian) translate

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Language file for (Hungarian) translate

Message par ferenctamas » 29 mai 2018, 09:46


I'm new in OpenBoard. Where can I find language file for Hungarian translation?
My prefer language is English, not French.
Plese send answer to:

Sincerecely: Ferenc Tamás teacher, Hungary

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Re: Language file for (Hungarian) translate

Message par cristaldis » 31 mai 2018, 15:55

There is no Hungarian translation yet.
Someone who knows well the Hungarian has to give a hand to us for the translation.

Would you agree to contribute to this translation ?

Some computer skills are useful, for example to use the QT Linguist program which helps to translate all the strings that appear in OpenBoard.

On Github you can see at this address ( ... urces/i18n) all the languages that are currently supported by OpenBoard.
Salvatore Cristaldi

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Re: Language file for (Hungarian) translate

Message par feketeimre » 28 juin 2018, 11:25


As i wrote to support, i would like to join to the translate group to help to translate this software to hungarian language.
What are the steps of this procedure?

Soo, i found QtLinguist and i downloaded the OpenBoard_en_UK.ts file from github.
A made the translation, but i couldn't find where or how can i change the UI language in OpenBoard.
I attached the .Ts and .qm files.
I hope it will be good and will be in the next release or update.

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Re: Language file for (Hungarian) translate

Message par ramuntcho » 06 juil. 2018, 15:54


Thanks for the work.

We have released OpenBoard 1.4.1 today, but it was too late to add your translation for hungarian.

It will be done in next release (1.4.2)