Smarttech Notebook CFF/IWB import/export

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Inscription : 16 Fév 2019, 10:40

Smarttech Notebook CFF/IWB import/export

Message par RogerJames » 19 Fév 2019, 21:21

I have been doing some work on getting the CFF/IWB import (and export if I can) to work. My target platform is Ubuntu 18.10. if have made some progress getting teh code to compile against the newer version of OpernSSL, and in getting text objects to appear on the screen. The text import is a bit scruffy at the moment bit I think I can see what needs to be fixed. The other major problem that is affecting images and possibly other things from appearing is the mapping between image space coordinates and viewport coordinates. I am somewhat stuck on this.

So this is a general call for help. I would like to get openboard to a state where it can reliably import and export Smarttech Notebook CFf/IWB files. So that schools here in the UK can break free of the Smarttech stranglehold. I know various people have looked at this area in the past. So all contributions would be gratefully received.

You can can find my code repo at ... /smart-cff. Please feel free to clone it and try the build. There are also a few Smarttech generated test files in the tree.