Project Fork Request

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Project Fork Request

Message par primem0ver » 28 nov. 2017, 15:57

I am an online middle/high school teacher that works for a major US education company. Our company just recently switched from Blackboard Collaborate to Jigsaw and I cannot stand Jigsaw as a teacher for several reasons. (The biggest one is that it is designed for group presentations, not small group/one on one online tutoring). I downloaded OpenBoard because of several missing basic features from Jigsaw that I use all the time when working on online with students, some of which are provided by your software (such as the ability to copy and paste graphics on the whiteboard).

I am very impressed by the quality of this software. My first impression is that the design and interface are far superior to ANY "meeting" software that I have used for the purpose of working with others in collaboration. Of course this isn't collaboration software in the online sense... only the classroom sense. Which is why I want to fork the project. I want to make it so.

I have a background in C++ and have used Qt to some extent. I would like to fork this project for the purpose of creating a version with a different spin; much like you have with Open Sankore. Think of it is "OpenNetBoard." If anyone is open to contributing, please feel free to say something. I would like to add the following abilities to this software because I am sick of the crappy collaboration software out there:
  • a chat window
  • the ability to network board sessions to multiple computers
  • the ability to stream audio and other forms of media that can be used with this product
  • the ability to record a session
  • the ability to import presentation formats into board pages
  • the ability to share resources; particularly those that are relevant to a particular session.
  • possibly the ability to stream camera video
  • possibly a session map

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Re: Project Fork Request

Message par trialanderror » 03 déc. 2017, 10:29

Hi thats sounds interesting!

But it is necessary to fork the projekt? I think it would be nice if you can contribute thes new features to the main OpenBoard Project.

Recording of sessions: As I know there is a Function to record sessions. ( ... _1.3.6.pdf Page 36) but in my tests it neads a "big" PC to perform it without lagging.

A Network collaboration Feature would be rally nice for computer classes. So that the students can interact with the main presentation. But in this case there must be an moderation feature in it.

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Re: Project Fork Request

Message par DKom » 12 août 2018, 08:57


your approach sounds very interesting. We also have experienced that there are some basic features missing :

- Integration of MS-Office like Word, Excel, PPT, etc. as it is very unconvenient to have the documents exported to pdf-format.
- General support for Android-systems. The demand for this in Germany is very high.
- Basic Content and menus for subjects like Mathematics, Biology, German / English / French, Geography, ...

We will inform you about our progress (hopefully).

Best Regards,


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Re: Project Fork Request

Message par jordancaver123 » 06 nov. 2018, 07:23