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Debian Package

Message par Ulrich » 24 Sep 2016, 14:58


as using Debian (Jessie), i am highly interested in a ".deb"-package, which works on debian. Jessie has only qt-5.3, so compilation is not totally trivial. I am also stuck on debian instead of ubuntu, because ubuntu has some latex issues, because of which I cannot compile my lecture notes there.
I currently use OpenBoard 1.02.10 for my flipped-classroom-lessons, which runs not really smooth.
But still, it is ways better than any other whiteboard software around! Congratulations there!

So ... are there any plans for debian?
I assume, some other users (including me) could also deal with a static compiled .tar.gz, the kind of, the sage-project offers for download.


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Re: Debian Package

Message par vincent_m » 28 Sep 2016, 19:36

+1 for a debian jessie package :)

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Re: Debian Package

Message par ramuntcho » 07 Oct 2016, 14:06


We have only a few resources, and so we have no plans for now to propose a debian (jessie) package. Sorry

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Re: Debian Package

Message par Craig » 08 Oct 2016, 18:13


While there are no plans for us to do it ourselves, it should be relatively feasible to generate a package given that we have packages for Ubuntu.

The build script (release_scripts/linux/ should run fine on Debian. You may need to modify the packaging script ( in the same folder) to match the paths of Qt and so on.

One important point to note: OpenBoard requires Qt version 5.5.x. Earlier versions may cause problems and later versions simply won't work. So if the OS doesn't provide Qt 5.5 in their repositories, you'll need to either require users to install it via a third party repository, or bundle the right Qt libraries in the .deb. This is what we do for Ubuntu 14.04 for example, so as long as you can build Qt5.5 on your machine and aren't afraid to read through the packaging script to set the correct paths, you should be able to generate a working package.

Edit: sorry I apparently missed the part of your message where you say that Jessie has only Qt 5.3. So you'll definitely have to install Qt yourself first: see here for instructions:
Thanks for your interest, and for the kind words!

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Re: Debian Package

Message par Jayce » 02 Sep 2017, 13:30

Any news regarding .deb package now that a latest version of Raspbian is up?