Change Default Colour for "Write Text" Tool

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Change Default Colour for "Write Text" Tool

Message par akeller » 13 Nov 2018, 19:00

Hello everybody,

is it possible to change the default colour for fonts in the "Write Text" tool form black to white. As we are using screens instead of whiteboards with projectors, it is much better to have white letters and a white pencil on a black background. We find that a lot less strenuous for the watching eye.

I've found a Font Section in the OpenBoardUser.config consisting of "FontPointSize=18", "FontIsBold=false" and "FontFamily=Andika Basic". Is there a FontColor=#FFFFFF or a similar variable available? Sorry, but I couldn't find it anywhere here or in the config section on Github.

All help would be very much appreciated.

Alexander Keller
Head of IT - Wolfgang-Borchert-Gymnasium Langenzenn, Germany

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Re: Change Default Colour for "Write Text" Tool

Message par cristaldis » 04 Déc 2018, 17:11


It is unfortunately not possible nor planned for the moment.

Salvatore Cristaldi