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cheap Tablet PC with stylus for OpenBoard

Publié : 08 Déc 2018, 11:24
par trialanderror
momently I'm searching for an Tablet PC (with Linux or Windows), an wich I can run and USE OpenBoard.

The Problem is, that I had testet some of the cheap ones with Windows (around 400€). And on this devices is OpenBoard realy unusable! That means, that OpenBaord lags, ist realy realy slow and it is sometimes not even possible to draw a line.

So I hope that someone here has personal experience with using OpenBoard on a Tablet PC.

Thanks a million for tips and experiences!

Re: cheap Tablet PC with stylus for OpenBoard

Publié : 20 Jan 2019, 12:30
par macjaeger
I have tried several "low cost" windows tablets, but none was suitable for my needs, usually because the pen/finger input wasn't fast or accurate enough.

Now I am using an awesome combination of laptop plus digitzer tablet/monitor, specifically the XP Pen Artist 12, which cost only 180€ during black friday sales (now its around 220€). The tablet/monitor is fullHD (1920x1080) and features a pressure sensitive (8192 steps), battery-less pen. It needs HDMI-out from the laptop and is powered by usb and/or usb-charger. This sounds like a lot of cables, but actually it is not, there's only one cable running to the tablet (using a usb-c style connector), which splits into three at the laptop end (HDMI, USB for data and power, USB for additional power if needed).

I'm using this tablet teamed with a rather cheap Acer Spin SP111 laptop. Originally i wanted to use this laptop on its own, as it has a fullHD touchscreen and there is a pen available - but that was a very clumsy experience, so i upgraded to the Artist 12 and that really made a difference! I probably should have jumped to an even larger tablet (there are inexpensive versions rated at 16" and even 22"), but i like the portability: laptop and tablet fit nicely into a slim suitcase, and the laptops battery is strong enough to power both laptop and tablet for at least two hours in my kind of usage.

However, there's a catch (isn't there always?):

In order to use the tablet, you need to connect it to the laptops HDMI port, so you can't use it to connect to the projector. That's no problem here, as we have AppleTV receivers in all classrooms and use Airparrot to connect to the projectors wirelessly. But if you need to connect the projector physically, you might need a second display connection, eg. some kind of usb-videocard.