Pressure sensivity?

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Pressure sensivity?

Message par macjaeger » 05 Fév 2019, 01:02


I'm using OpenBoard on a number of devices, and I really like this tool. But I have a problem on some of the devices that have Windows-Ink compatible pens, like my Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1 using the Wacom Bamboo Ink pen: I just can't get the pressure sensitivity to work with that specific pen!

Other pens like the one from the XP-Pen Artist 12 work fine and deliver very smooth, fine strokes that adapt to the pen pressure quite well. Also the Bamboo Ink works fine in other programms such as Microsofts own WhiteBoard, yet i can't use the pressure sensor in OpenBoard. Of course I installed all drivers, and of course I activated "pen is pressure sensitiv" in the settings, but no matter how, I don't get it. In other software I sometimes need to explicitly activate "Windows Ink" support.

Is this a limitation of OpenBoard? And if so: are there plans to change this?

One might say that pressure sensitivity is not that important... but I disagree: using pressure sensitivity, my writing becomes much more detailed, more natural, and easier to read - and sometimes that makes the difference in an engaging lesson.

Oh and by the way:

The on-screen keyboard seems broken on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, hitting the keyboard-icon just opens an explorer window. Yet at the same time the internal keyboards do popup ok but I can't enter text to the textbox tool. This presents a problem when using a stylus-only tablet...