OpenBoard for Displays with internal computers

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OpenBoard for Displays with internal computers

Message par c.burisch » 12 Fév 2019, 12:21

Hello, everybody,

first of all many thanks to all contributors of this great software!

Since interactive whiteboards have recently been replaced by interactive displays (at least in my community), it would be a big advantage if OpenBoard would run directly on the built-in computers (no external computer required). The internal computers of all display brands known to me of use Android as operating system.

I read that porting OpenBoard to Android is not yet planned. But with these recent technical and market developments, it would be great if you could consider it.

Alternatively, is there any similar software I could use on Android displays? Although I would prefer the same software on all devices.

Many thanks and best regards


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Re: OpenBoard for Displays with internal computers

Message par cristaldis » 17 Mai 2019, 11:01


We are not currently considering developing a version for Android. The problem is always the same: the lack of financial resources for development.

Best reguards
Salvatore Cristaldi