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Message par Kai » 08 Nov 2019, 14:42


I'm currently stuck with a problem on the interactivities. I can create and manage the categories and pictures properly, however when I let my students match the pictures to the categories they have problems using the UI.

The issue is, that when there are more than three categories they have to scroll down to see the pictures. When they want to assign the picture to one of the categories at the top, then they would have to scroll up again while dragging the picture. This isn't working properly (it's not scrolling while dragging) so in this case they have a hard time matching the pictures properly.

I saw that it's possible to increase the size of the widget and the available screen size would also allow that. However when increasing the size of the widget window it's also increasing the size of the categories. I.e. there are always only three categories visible.

Is it anyhow possible to increase the size of the widget without also zooming? What I'm looking for is to see more than three categories at the same time when increasing the size. So that all the categories as well as the pictures are always visible for my students.
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Re: interactivities

Message par ramuntcho » 24 Nov 2019, 18:41


Interactivities were created a long time ago as part of the Sankore project. So we took them as they were. Some of them should be improved, such as the one you mention.
The answer is unfortunately no, it is not possible to modify the displayed surface, therefore the amount of visible information.
Given our limited financial resources, we will probably not be able to develop this improvement. But OpenBoard being an open-source project, maybe an external developer will propose this development