Pdf import problems

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Pdf import problems

Message par gzavarise » 24 Nov 2022, 14:20

I got a new problem on my new Mac (M1 CPU, OS 13.0) to copy and paste from a pdf file to openboard.
In the past it was possible to open a pdf with Anteprima, or Acrobat reader, select and copy a part of a page (e.g. one equation), and paste it on openboard. Now this doesn't work anymore, since the paste produces an image very small (a couple of millimeters), and resizing it is hopeless.
Also, when I close the file and reopen it, quite often the file is damaged, since some images are disappeared and I have to insert it again.

Finally, one request: when you resize a figure it would be nice to see the percentage of resizing. In this way I could apply the same scale to more picture. Is there a way to see this number somewhere?
Best regards
Giorgio Zavarise