Crash and disassembling elements + sugestion: snapping

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Crash and disassembling elements + sugestion: snapping

Message par PedroSantos » 11 Avr 2020, 20:10


Thank you for this software.

Once in a while, it crashes.
I have observed that it always happens when auto-saving is triggered while I'm manipulating elements.
When reopening the sotware, there is no big problem, things are usually saved, but it creates a row of new empty documents. It would be better if it would start by showing the documents menu instead of a new document.

Also, many times the documents get disassembled, i.e., lines and dots get randomly out of place without warning.
My best guess is that it is hard for the software to deal with certain amount of elements, because I have the feeling it only happens when the document has more than one page or there are many elements on the page.

Windows7 user here. My students have experienced the same with Windows10.

I would like to add the suggestion to include the option to snap (to grid, to lines, to center and corners of shapes, etc.).
I would like to the compass, ruler and every drawing tool to be able to be placed exactly on already existing elements if I want to.
For examples of this, just search on youtube for snapping on Inkscape, Illustrator, Sketchup, or any other vectorial or 3D sotware.

I would be nice to be able to choose more colors without having to use the color app.
Being able to change the destination folders of documents, snapshots and podcasts would be more practical too.

Keep on the nice work and stay safe.