Incompatibility with OBS Studio

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Incompatibility with OBS Studio

Message par marcobels » 26 Jan 2021, 14:25

The App is great, but a big problem (especially for the didactic purpose) is the incompatibility with OBS Studio. Infact OBS is one of the most used program to allow to share contemporary a Board and the webcam with the Plug in Virtual Cam. When I try to do this with OpenBoard OBS see just a black screen. The only possibility to use it is start OpenBoard BEFORE OBS studio but it often crush. Untill this bug won't be fixed, it can't be used.

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Re: Incompatibility with OBS Studio

Message par Felix » 06 Fév 2021, 11:56

Hi marcobels,

I used Openboard together with OBS (but without the virtuel cam) and had a black screen or the correct image depending on the settings.
My experience is that the display depends on whether you use OBS or Openboard as admin or not.
If I start Openboard as admin as a normal (Windows) user (local account, no admin) and OBS normally, then it works for me.
By the way, the easiest way is to show the whole screen of Openboard instead of a program window.

Best regards and good luck