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Edit Captured Part of the Screen

Publié : 27 Jan 2021, 12:52
par TomSawyer
I want to draw two very similar diagrams: they are mostly equal, so the plan was to

- draw the first one
- copy-past the first one ("capture part of the screen", "add to the current page")
- erase some details on the copy and replace them with the new ones

However, the copy seems to be uneditable, i.e., it can be erased as a whole or not at all. Why is that so?!

Is there a nicer workaround than "erasing" by white-coloured pen?

Best regards!

Re: Edit Captured Part of the Screen

Publié : 04 Juin 2021, 13:00
par neph
Hi there,

I do these things by actually copy/pasting what I want to recycle (whether with the copy icon on grouped objects or with Ctrl+c / Ctrl+v) so they can be edited.
When the content gets to big I and I want to duplicate it on a new page I just duplicate the page and edit the copy.
Screen-Capturing produces just "screenshots" which can't be edited as far as I understand it.

Hope that helps...