Grey lines

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Grey lines

Message par rknapper » 19 Fév 2021, 17:56

I am wanting to use Openboard, but I have these two vertical grey lines on the screen that I can't get rid of. What are they? How do I remove them? I can draw "outside" them, over them, but I am not sure what they are there for.

I searched the forums, but didn't see any mention of them. I've evalutated Openboard a couple of times and they've been there for quite a few versions.

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Re: Grey lines

Message par neph » 04 Juin 2021, 12:46

Hi there,

sounds like the grey lines you see are the original page borders.
While I can't remember them actually doing anything bad, they should move outwards when you set the page-size in the settings-menu to your computers screen-ratio (probably 16:9)

Hope that helps...