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max malossini
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Folder Location

Message par max malossini » 21 Fév 2021, 17:15

I've just started using Openboard and am very happy with it.
The only [big] problem is that it appears that I cannot choose where the documents are saved.
Even worst, I cannot locate the Openboard files that I created, they are not in the Openboard main folder c:program files/openboard...
I need to save all my files in Google drive on my pc (or similar folder chosen by me).
I also upload all class notes every day in Google Classroom, but I can't find them.
Thank you for any help,

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Re: Folder Location

Message par neph » 04 Juin 2021, 12:34

looked for something similar a while ago, to synchronize my files via Cloud and gound this on the github-page, which should be included in the User's Guide ... i/Settings

Hope that helps...