Multiple Monitors

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Multiple Monitors

Message par Gnosis18 » 16 Mars 2021, 19:43

As an instructor, I, and several co-workers I've turned on to OpenBoard, struggle when there are multiple external monitors connected. It seems that Open Board arbitrary picks which is the primary display. Is there any way to remedy this or force it to a screen without unplugging the wrong monitor?

Previous solutions seem to be for MacOS. I'm on Windows.


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Re: Multiple Monitors

Message par Horace2 » 20 Avr 2021, 18:02

Yes, please allow us to choose which monitor to use.

I have students online using Zoom and in-person students in my classroom at the same time. I use the laptop screen for Zoom, which is only for me to see, with an extended desktop on my classroom display, which is for my students to see. Right now it is difficult have OpenBoard on my classroom display and see my online students on my laptop. I need to use Zoom and OpenBoard on the same computer so I can share my screen with my online students.

One workaround I found is to change my primary monitor to the display I want to use OpenBoard on. Desktop (right click) > Display Settings > Click on the monitor you want to be your primary monitor > Scroll down to "Multiple Displays", check the box that says "Make this my main display". This is not ideal but it works for me.

PowerPoint lets you choose a display from a menu for your presentation. I would love to have this option for OpenBoard.

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Re: Multiple Monitors

Message par neph » 04 Juin 2021, 12:41

Hi there,
if I remember correctly I got it working like that (sorry, no second screen available for me to test it right now):

- activate the second display in the Openboard-menu
- then in the display-settings switch display and control screens (sorry, my settings are in german, so they might be called something else)
- return to single display mode

Hope that helps