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Additional tools for

Message par keveen » 19 Mars 2021, 13:29

Good morning all,
my name is Keveen and I'm a G7-G12 teacher from Mauritius. I teach a subject called Design & Communication (7048) as per Cambridge Syllabus. After doing some researches on interactive smart board software, I came across OpenBoard and I must say that it is totally awesome and I'm planning to share it to all the teachers my small country.

However, if its possible I would like to tweak it a little bit to tailor the software for my students. Below are two recommendations:

1. I totally love the idea of the grids. It would be great if you could also put ISOMETRIC GRIDS as well because we have it in our syllabus.
2. We use both 45 degree set square and 60 degree set square at the same time when drawing. It would be great if we could have both set squares in the software.

I have attached two files below. Please have a look.

Thank you and stay safe
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Hello I'm a teacher from Mauritius. I teach Design & Technology and Design & Communications as per Cambridge Syllabus :D

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Re: Additional tools for

Message par SeifertRobert » 25 Mars 2021, 10:53

Hallo back,
I am not a developer, though I had similar needs.
As OpenBoard natively supports SVG images, it is possible to draw what you need in Inkscape (free vector drawing software) and then use images in your slides (either in background - the grid) or in foreground.

When I need to teach math, I use my own triangles this way together with Protractor tool.

Here I support link to my triangle as example: ... u-OPNB.svg


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Re: Additional tools for

Message par MrsCrowder » 22 Avr 2021, 19:05

I would also love to see additional tools for math:

1. Positive/Negative integer number line
2. thermometer (fahrenheit, celcius, kelvin would all be handy)
3. upgraded calculator - I need to show my students how to use +/- on a calculator, and the basic calculator included in the app does not have this function.

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Re: Additional tools for

Message par gzavarise » 19 Mai 2021, 16:21

I noticed also that the grid that you have on the screen is lost when you generate the pdf file, and this is very bad on my opinion.
I have solved the problem generating a grid with Adobe Illustrator and saving it as a pdf page of the right size (334 x 189 mm for slides 16/9). Then if you upload such file in openboard, you can duplicate and use it as background for your presentations