Interactive objects dissapear

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Interactive objects dissapear

Message par Kathrin » 09 Fév 2019, 21:29

Hi there,

some days ago I found the OpenBoard software and I think it ist really great.
But now I have a big problem:
I tried to create some lessons with it and very often, after switching pages or after closing and restarting the program all interactive objects have disappeared from the pages and so most of my work was gone. Sometimes instead of the objects I see a grey text "Lädt" (using the german version, means "loading" ) but nothing happens.
Nobody in the forum seems to have similar problems. What is wrong?? Can somebody help me?
I have installed Openboard 1.5.1. 240 on Windows 8.1, at school we have Windows 7, there exists the same problem.
Thanks very much...

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Re: Interactive objects dissapear

Message par Michi » 14 Fév 2019, 18:52

I have the same problem.

Not only with interactive objects. Pictures, forms, videos and so on, disappear without any reason. Some of the objects stay, but the most of them disappear.

The pictures that disappear are sometimes bigger oder smaller than the pictures that stay. Sometimes it is only a pictures and sometimes it is a bundle of grouped objects. So there isn't a connection between the objects. ... or I can't see one. It looks like it is random thing.

It was in the old 1.5.1 version an is also happening in 1.5.2 version.

Same thing on 2 windows PCs wit Win10. (no tablet)

If any information is needed, let me know.

@Kathrin: Falls Sie sich/du dich austauschen möchtest/n, einfach PN ;).

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Re: Interactive objects dissapear

Message par cristaldis » 17 Mai 2019, 11:36


Can you tell me which interactive objects you use?

Can you export your document in ubz and post it?

I will try to see where the problem comes from by running tests under Win10 if I have understood correctly.

Best reguards
Salvatore Cristaldi