Directory problem

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Directory problem

Message par ErikaPeixoto » 01 Mai 2021, 00:11

i restored my pc and i can't do the restoration of openboard's documents
what i have done:
i took those files on this directory: C:\Windows.old\Program Files (x86)\OpenBoard
and pasted on this another directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenBoard with CTRL + C and CTRL + V
then i did the same procedure with those directorys: copy those files C:\Windows.old\Users\ErikaCu\AppData\Local\OpenBoard
and pasted on C:\Users\ErikaPC\AppData\Local\OpenBoard
i looked on this site, but it didn't help ... i/Settings
it didn't work
then i did a new document on openboard's program and i found out that the directory of those documents it's not the same of windows.old

windows.old was win 7 now i am using win 10

someone pls can help me find this f... directory and restored openboard's documents? i really need those documents plssss