Can not find presentation mode

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Can not find presentation mode

Message par Oceanwatcher » 09 Août 2020, 02:56


I have been watching a lot of tutorials and searching a lot, but I can not seem to find a kind of presentation mode.

Right now I am stuck in a mode where all menus and tools show when I am using the whiteboard. I would like it to look more like a normal whiteboard. Blank. No menus or tools. Also - the same as when presenting with PowerPoint - you don't do that with all menus visible...

When I use a physical whiteboard, I have my pens and the eraser on a table next to me. Not stuck in the middle of the board.

When I work on my computer, I prefer to have the tools on one of my extra monitors (I usually work with at least 2 monitors).

I know I must be doing something wrong here. And I guess it is kinda looking me right in the face and is obvious to everyone else. But I hope you can point me in the right direction so I can set things up correctly.


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Re: Can not find presentation mode

Message par ramuntcho » 20 Août 2020, 12:03


Normaly if you have a second monitor, by example a beamer, and you have set to use the second monitor not in clone mode, the second monitor shows the student view, without the tools and the menus.