Here are some resources you might need.

User Manuals

For Advanced Users

OpenBoard offers numerous settings to adjust its functionality to your needs! Some can be adjusted directly in the application from the Preferences window. Others can be adjusted only from the configuration files.

Here are some useful links to learn how to use them:

For Developers

On GitHub, you will find documentation to help you build OpenBoard from source code, build Qt WebEngine (with activated proprietary codecs) from source code, or even build your own web widgets.


Qt WebEngine

Web Widgets

In OpenBoard, you can easily create web widgets that can be dragged and dropped onto the board! Your widgets can even interact with OpenBoard through an API integrated into OpenBoard! A widget is simply a website, placed in a folder with the extension .wgt.

Download the template, unzip it, and start creating your own applications: (zip, <4KB)

Don't forget to modify the icon (the icon.png file) that will be used to represent your application in OpenBoard, and fill in the config.xml file with your information and a unique identifier!

Here is some documentation to help you go further: