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Release Notes

Release notes for all version can be found on the GitHub wiki

What's new in version 1.3.5

  • Fixed an issue where text could be displayed at different sizes on different platforms, even with the same font and font size. From now on, a newly created or modified document should display the same on all platforms (provided one uses version 1.3.5)
  • Fixed an issue in document mode where deleting a document by drag-n-drop could make OpenBoard crash
  • Fixed a bug where media elements couldn't be selected by rubber band
  • Document mode: multiple documents can now be moved together, by drag-n-drop
  • Added a setting in the configuration files for the background grid's colour*
  • Added Basque translation (credit: Inigo Gebara)
  • Updated German translation (credit: EmPeWe)
  • Fixed the colour of the highlighter cursor in desktop mode
  • Fixed an issue where in desktop mode, the display could be cloned even if multi-display mode was deactivated
  • Fixed an issue in document mode where OpenBoard could crash when deleting pages from a document
  • Fixed an issue where groups of objects or pen strokes that had been locked would be unlocked when saving then loading the document
  • Fixed an issue where groups of objects lost their transforms (movement, rotation, scaling) when saving then loading the document
  • Specified a minimum size for the protractor, so that it can no longer be resized to an unusable size
  • Shrunk the compass slightly
  • Fixed an issue where the position of groups of pen strokes could be lost upon saving and loading the document
  • Fixed an issue where locked objects could be moved by dragging them directly (rather than by their selection frame)
  • Fixed an issue where the icons on a text box's frame could overflow from the frame, on low-resolution displays on Windows or Linux
  • Fixed an issue where OpenBoard would crash upon exiting with an empty, but modified document
  • Fixed an issue where the Open-Sankoré importer would not launch, on Windows

(*) This allows the user to change the colour or opacity of the background grid, for example if it isn't sufficiently visible on a low-contrast display or projector. The parameters can be found in the Board category and are named CrossColorDarkBackground and CrossColorLightBackground for the colour of the background grid on dark and light backgrounds, respectively. The possible values for these parameters are strings respecting any of the following formats:

Where A = alpha (transparency); R = red; G = green; B = blue, in hexadecimal values.

The default values are:


For developers


The latest available version, 1.3.5, can be obtained here. Packages are provided for Windows 7+, OS X 10.9+, Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04.

See here for installation instructions.