Release Notes

Release notes for all version can be found on the GitHub wiki

Version 1.5.0

New features

A whole new Document mode

A major overhaul of the Document mode has been carried out.

Documents tree structure

You can now create complex tree structures to organize your work. The "Untitled Documents" folder is no longer relevant and, if exists from a previous installation, can be deleted. You can adjust the size of the documents tree area by playing with the vertical splitter between it and the thumbnails area.

Sortable documents

Documents can be sorted, using the "Sort Kind" drop down list and the "Sort Order" icon beside, by creation date, modification date, or alphabetical order. A second column displays the date of creation or modification.

Icons on Folders and Documents

New icons have been added to the document tree structure to improve readability and help navigation.

Import an ubz document

The import of a ubz document is always done at its initial place in the folder hierarchy. If a document of the same name already exists there, OpenBoard displays a window to rename the imported document.

Export/Import a folder

You can now export an entire folder (including the "My Documents" folder), using the new option "Export to OpenBoard UBX" in the Export menu. The exported hierarchy is preserved at import. In this case, if documents of the same name already exist in the same places, OpenBoard displays for each of them a window for renaming the imported documents.

Mac Certification

OpenBoard for macOS is now signed, allowing it to be recognized by Gatekeeper.

New Translations

Translations for Ukrainian and Hungarian has been started and added to the supported languages.


A new version of the GraphMe widget has been integrated.

Bug fixes

  • It was no longer possible to freely resize the mask
  • The tab on the library panel could disappear in some cases

Known issues

  • This redesign of the Documents mode was a complex development and several small cosmetic bugs may still remain, including focus issues
  • Folders in the trash of your OpenBoard 1.4 installation are renamed _Trash:folder_name in the 1.5 version and are found in My Documents. They can be put in the Trash.
  • Some slow motion can be experienced in MacOS while using drag and drop in the new document tree structure.

Version 1.4.1

Neue Funktionen

  • Das Podcast-Modul verwendet jetzt die FFMPEG-Bibliothek auf dem Mac
  • Neue Version des Taschenrechner-Widgets
  • Neues QR Code Widget (Dank basilstotz)
  • Neue galizische Übersetzung
  • Neue Option in den Voreinstellungen, die das Umkehren der Reihenfolge von zwei projizierten Bildern erlaubt (standardmäßig ausgeblendete Option)
  • Das Masken-Widget kann nun wie andere Widgets dupliziert werden


  • Der Sound eines Podcasts sollte auf lange Aufnahmen keine Tonschleife mehr produzieren
  • Änderung des Installationsskriptes für Ubuntu 16.04 (besseres Abhängigkeitsmanagement)
  • Korrekturen für die spanische Übersetzung

Für Entwickler


Die neueste Version, 1.4.1, kann hier. abgerufen werden. Installer sind für Windows (> = 7), macOS (> = 10.9) und Ubuntu (16.04) verfügbar. Siehe Installationsanweisungen.

Cf. Installationsanweisungen.